The Neatest Little Paper Ever Read ®
Wednesday, 28th, April 2021



  1. Is the book of Hosea in the Old or New Testament or neither?
  2. Emboldened by God’s declaration, which Old Testament king went into battle with singers leading the army? Ahaz, Hezekiah, Manasseh, Jehoshaphat
  3. From 1 Chronicles 29, how many years did David reign over Israel? 7, 33, 40, 57
  4. The prophecy of Obadiah is basically about what nation? Shem, Edom, Tabor, Nebo
  5. What was Aquila’s profession in Corinth? Tentmaker, Harp player, Mapmaker, Servant
  6. David was what relation to Boaz? Brother, Son, Grandson, Great-grandson

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