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History Quiz

Only 40% of Americans Can Pass This Simple US History Quiz.
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  1. Which of the following is not one of the original 13 colonies?Pennsylvania / Virginia / Delaware / Vermont
  2. Locke, Rousseau, Voltaire, and Newton were notable figures in which historical movement?Reconstruction / The Enlightenment / The Civil Rights Movement / The Great Awakening
  3. Which of these was a problem with the Articles of Confederation?The Federal Government was too week / The federal Government was too strong / There was No Federal Government / There were no state governments
  4. What was the primary goal of the Federalist Papers?To ratify the Constitution / to stop the US from going to war / to establish a new leader / to establish the freedom of speech
  5. Who was the 10th President of the United States?Martin Van Buren / William Henry Harrison / James K. Polk / John Tyler
  6. Which of these did the United States NOT gain through the Louisiana Purchase?Tennessee / Arkansas / Nebraska / South Dakota
  7. Which of the following is NOT a right protected by the First Amendment?Freedom of speech / Freedom of the press / Freedom of Assembly / Freedom of Property
  8. World War II began in 1939. In what year did it end?1943 / 1945 / 1947 / 1951
  9. Which Supreme Court Case established judicial review?Dred Scot v. Sandford / Marbury v. Madison / Plessy v. Ferguson / Roe v Wade
  10. Which of the following did NOT occur in the 1960’s?The Viet Name War / The Korean War / The Civil Rights Movement / JFK’s Assassination
  11. What war did the Treaty of Versailles bring to an end?French and Indian War / War of 1812 / World War I / World War II
  12. What was the era following the Civil War called?The News Deal Coalition / The Market Revolution / Reconstruction / Manifest Destiny
  13. All of the following were major crops for Native Americans prior to European settlement exceptBeans / corn / squash / wheat